How to Activate Text-To-Speech or Screen Reader on Kindle Fire

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Screen Reader

If you love reading EBooks, then kindle fire is a great option for you. It is a tablet type device and manufactured by Amazon. It resolves the burden of carrying books and paper anywhere. Kindle fire provides the most and best feature that you can read your books from where you left it off while reading. Thanks to the nature of advanced technology, text-to-speech can activate to kindle fire device that permits you to hear your e-books even while driving or you are on the go.

Activating Screen ReaderHow to Activate Text-To-Speech on Kindle

  • Swipe down your kindle fire from the top of the screen and click “Settings” icon. Here you will find the list of device settings.
  • Now click on “Accessibility” option. This option is settled at bottom of Settings menu and further, it will help you to move towards a number of user help options.
  • Click to “ON” and then next to “Screen Reader”. “Screen Reader” is settled at the upside of accessibility settings neath the “Vision Settings” heading. On/Off toggle are settled to right side of the listing. Screen Reader will help you to identify any features you click or want to act with.
  • Fix your reading speed. Click to “+” and “-” buttons next to “Reading Speed”. This is specified under the Screen Reader in the same menu.

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Activate Text-To-Speech

How to Activate Text-To-Speech on Kindle Fire

  • While you are reading, click on your kindle fire screen to demonstrate reading toolbar. The reading toolbar will look at the upside of the screen.
  • Click to “Aa” (Settings) and then choose the “More Options” button. Settings button look at the bottom left-hand of the reading toolbar.
  • Click to “On” and then next at “Text-to-Speech”. Be aware that Text to Speech is not accessible in all Kindle books. Furthermore, Text to Speech is only accessible in the English and in U.S.
  • Amazon will show the list if “Text to Speech” is supported by “Product Details”.
  • Click on the screen to demonstrate reading toolbar again, and then tap to “Play” button. “Play” button is situated next to reading progress bar. And it will initiate reading from the beginning of the current page.
  • The sound will be played by the Kindle’s external speakers you can also use the earphones connected to the headphone jack.

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